January 30, 2019
A few bullet ideas (stories, projects, etc.):
Not limited to, but may include, traditional written stories…

  • A hypertext/Twine story connecting to various paths, wandering to and fro in relation to thoughts and how the mind traverses from one thing to the next based solely around a key word. Somewhat disorienting but also a sort of ethereal dream-like state.
  • Customizing and altering Nick Montfort’s Taroko Gorge to instead create a sort of story idea generator to kick start creative thinking and link certain connections that otherwise may not have been considered.
  • A written story about a little girl who summons a demon to be her friend – Working title: “My Best Friend is a Demon!”
  • A dystopian fiction about a girl named Xandia and her life as love makes her question the laws – Working title: “Rebellion”
  • A prequel to “Rebellion” to explain the events of the great fire – Working title: “Dominion”
  • A steampunk/otherworldly Alice and Wonderland
  • An apocolyptic story – Working title: “Chronicles of a New Day: Tomorrow”